Cutting Heat Treatment
  • Selecting of suitable raw materials. Such as using Ingot/Billets, material grade, size
  • Send selected raw materials for saw cutting. As usually 1 ingot/billets can produce few components, depending on customer’s product size
  • Heating up the ingot/billets to prepare for forging
  • Forging process. Hammer the heated up ingot/billets into customer’s drawing shape
  • Heat treatment, Normalising
  • Send for rough machining to remove uneven surface and closer to required shape
  • Heat Treatment, Quench and Temper. To achieve customer’s required mechanical properties
  • Mechanical Testing
  • Final machining to remove the heat treat scale and turn it into bright surface
  • Inspection prior delivery
  • Packing


High Quality Ingot

Ingot Cutting

Ingot Pre-Heating

Ingot Handling

Rough Machining

High Quality Ingot

Normalizing / Annealing

Heat Treatment

Mechanical Testing

Quality Inspection

Packing / Shipping