About Ma’anshan Pingwen Forging

Established since 1999, Ma’anshan Pingwen Forging Co., Ltd is a one-stop solution special steel provider, with a 20,000 square meter facility situated in the industry park of Danyang Town, Bowang District, Ma’anshan City.

Our areas of expertise include: Forging, Machining and Heat treatment services for Oil & Gas, Marine & Offshore, Mining, Construction, Semiconductor, Mechanical and Electronic industries….

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01 About Us
Forging Equipment

5T Hydraulic Hammer

1.75T Hammer

750KG Hammer


We are specialised on Forging, Machining, Heat Treatment, Testing



Heat Treatment


High Quality Ingot

Ingot Cutting

Ingot Pre-Heating

Ingot Handling

Rough Machining

Normalising and Annealing

Forging Hammer

Heat Treatment

Mechanical Testing

Quality Inspection

Packing/ Shipping